Electric Bike Servicing

Our fully fitted Raleigh workshop has everything we need to get your ebike inspected and set up prior to delivery and then to keep it on the road in tip-top condition thereafter.

Modern electric bikes are fairly simple things.  90% of your bike can be serviced by any competent bike shop.  The interesting bits, all wrapped up and out of sight, are best left to us.  Certainly for our Raleigh, Haibike and Lapierre bikes we are the people you need.  We have had training from Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano on their systems and have the necessary diagnostic equipment to be able to resolve any problems.  If we can't get you rolling again then we have access to, and accounts with, Bosch, Yamaha, Haibike and Raleigh helplines and workshop technicians who will do their best to get you mobile again.

Your electric bike should be serviced as laid out in the service manual. We recommend annually for your Bosch bike where we can plug the bike into our Bosch diagnostic system. This will update the latest software to the computer and PCBs as well as giving us a report into the condition of the cells in the battery. Similarly with Yamaha and Shimano we use computer-based plug-in diagnostic systems. During the spring and summer months we are heavily booked so please do book in by calling us – 01305-753737. We can not service or repair Chinese hub-driven bikes.