HaiBike Electric Bikes

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The leading brand of electric MTBs.  German designed, engineered and manufactured.  The best there is.

Visitors to the shop are always drawn to the Haibikes as a focal point.  They are beautifully designed and skillfully built.  They look just as good standing outside a cafe as they do hurtling up a hill.  We really do urge you to come and have a look at them as objects of beauty.

“Hai” is the German word for shark.  Like their namesake this young company stays hungry – to innovate, push boundaries, design and create, simply, the best .

Haibike along with Raleigh are part of the Accell Group.  Only Raleigh dealers are authorised sellers of Haibikes in the UK.  We have unrivalled access to the stock, spares and accessories that make Haibike ownership so special.  A little like Porsche in the 1960s in England, relatively unknown but appreciated by those with an eye for engineering excellence, innovation and style.

“What we do we do properly.  We work on it daily and with great commitment.  Our goal is to achieve top performances for ruggedness and weight, bike handling and durability.  We aim for the best technical fittings, unconditional functionings and an extremely good finish.”  Chris, Product Manager, Haibike.

Dorest Cyclelife is the local West Dorset dealer for Haibike.  We sell more Haibieks than any other dealer in the South West.  We sell them, maintain them and ride them.

Haibike are ePerformance.  As the market leader they have refined their Sduro and Xduro offerings going forwards.  Xduro is now x-treme and Sduro is Sporty...they offer a huge range of applications - advanced offroad, Fatbikes, Sports Full suspension, Sports Hardtail, Adventure, and OnRoad.  They offer the world's most comprehensive range of ePerformance products.  THe new Long Travel (LT) Sduro bikes offer 150mm of travel and a huge variety of specs and options.  The Xduro range has been re-invented again offering Haibike's new Bosch intube battery options as well as the Yamaha PW-X drive system. allowing Haibike to rightly claim they have the most extreme, advanced and cutting edge performace range of eMTBs on the planet.

2018 sees the introduction of the patented Modular Rail System (MRS) allowing variou saccessories to be attached to the bikes quickly and easily.  We can now attach a range extender (extra battery) a carry pack (enough room for a charger or tools and inner tube) or a drinks bottle.  There is also th epossibility of attaching an integradted and flexible rail lock system to secure your bike.

Whichever Haibike you are after please call us - unlike any other dealers we can ask Raleigh to send the bike down to us for you to have a look at in the flesh, if we don't already have it in stock.  No obligation.








Price: £2000
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