Electric Bike Range

There are a large number of electric ebikes available in the UK in 2017. The ebikes themselves have developed very rapidly from the somewhat awful, "garden centre" range that most of us were familiar with just 2 or 3 years ago. Those products still exist and are regularly seen on Ebay or at car boot sales.  They are fine for what they are and we are genuinely glad to see as many people as possible out and about riding bikes.  They are not the products we sell as we don't believe in their quality, provenance, longevity nor repairability.  

We as a Raleigh dealer have access to,and support from, the very best European brands available - Raleigh, Haibike, Lapierre and Diamondback

Raleigh's electric ebikes start at £1000 for the Array and go up to £2150 for the Bosch-motored Motus or £2500 for the SHIMANO STEPS-motored Strada.

Haibike is an iconic German brand, symbolising everything that one tends to imagine when thinking of German design and engineering excellence.  Haibike were the first company to show electric MTBs at Eurobike 4 years ago.  They met with quite a lot of derision.  Last year at Eurobike there were 48 different manufacturers showing e-MTBs.  If we were to buy just 1 e-bike for us in the shop it would be a Haibike Hard 7 - it does absolutely everything you could want of a bike.  Monday to Friday with slick tyres and mudguards it will happily commute to and from work.  At the weekends put on some Racing Ralphs and head for the hills to show those teenagers how to climb vertical singletrack !

We believe nobody else selling electric bikes in the South West of England has our range of ebikes, level of service and interaction with our local communities.  We are Raleigh's largest dealer of ebikes in the South West and pride ourselves on our products and product knowledge.

Whilst we are all cyclists and passionate about everybody (who wants to) being able to get out and about on an e-bike we will not sell generic, low cost bikes from companies and factories that have no traceability nor social awareness. We want everyone to enjoy high quality, reliable and most importantly fun bikes, at the same time as respecting our environment – particularly where we all live and work.  We have a huge amount of support from local government and agencies in the Dorset area and we repay their trust in us by selling high quality, ethically sourced product.

Whatever the road conditions or terrain in hilly and windy Dorset you will be able to get there by e-bike...

When you come to see us the first question we will ask is "What do you want the bike for?"  We - and you - need to know what you will be using the bike for, what you expect it to do and what features matter to you. Every rider is unique.  Our job is to show you the options that suit you, not sell a bike.  Owning and using an electric bike will transform the way you think about transport.  It offers another platform to build out your choices.  And we expect you to use the bike an awful lot more than you anticipated - electric bikes are efficient, beautiful and great fun !

Doubtless you have had a good Google for electric bikes.  You will have seen and read all the websites and forums telling you that the Yamaha is sooooooo much better than the Bosch system and that great aunt Mavis only managed 6.7 miles on her small-wheeled folding shopper that cost her £99 from the local garage forecourt, having been promised it would travel at least 150 miles on one charge.

There is a VAST amount of information out there on different drive sysyems, batteries and brands.  We have deliberateley not put any FAQs nor guide to amps watts and volts on the website.  All of that is available elsewhere and we don't want to clutter your minds with 5th form physics.  Buying an electric bike is simple.  You need to ride them,  LOTS of them. We can't tell you what is going to suit you telepathically. You won't know what works for you, what looks nice what puts the biggest grin on your face.  Do all the research you like online and then come ride. And then ride some more. We promise you that 5 minutes in the saddle is worth 6 months on the keyboard.  We are aware of unscrupulous dealers in the Dorset area maquerading as main dealers for certain of our brands.  They carry no stock, have no workshop facilities and are neither recognised by, nor suppported by Raleigh and our associated brands.

Another quick caveat. A lot of so-called electric bike specialists will have a couple of Chinese bikes in a shed somewhere.  They will be offering generic Chinese bikes that cost $50 ex-factory on Alibaba and miraculously appear as "bargains" at just £700 once they have landed in the UK.  Please don't forget - they are still $50 bikes.  They have no warranties, no spare parts no back up.  They also look horrendous and we'd like to think you'd derive no satisfaction from parading around on one..  Buy cheap, buy twice.

We should stress that we are a Raleigh main dealer.  We stock electric bikes but very happily sell all types of bike from all the 24 bicycle brands within the Accell Group's range.  We have road bikes, folding bikes, MTBs, classic Dutch town bikes and childrens' bikes. If it's on 2 wheels we can get it, service it, and repair it for you and your family. We can't stock all of them, even just the electric ones would swamp us. 




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