Cycle Routes

Everyone has a favourite route - one for commuting, one for a leisurely Sunday pootle with the family or one really stiff one to make you feel like a mountain goat.

On our Dorset cycle routes page we have some great recommendations from Dorset CC's website.  As a Council Dorset is very committed to cycling and have invested money and resources in making it safe and enjoyable for natives and tourists alike. We include links to a number of their recommended routes.


EMTB Dorset Outdoors Tours

1.1.    Dorset is one of the most beautiful counties in England. Being on the South Coast it has some of the best all year-round weather. There is lots of beautiful countryside to see with places to visit with views to die for. The best and healthiest way to see all this has traditionally been on foot. There are miles of walks and bridleways. Unfortunately this comes with a inherent disadvantage, “walking is slow”. Thus until now if you only have a limited time the problem has been, how to get to visit and experience all you want.
1.2.    One solution has been to stay in a central location and take a car from place to place. Unfortunately, this typically involves busy traffic, extortionate parking charges or leaving your car in a lonely and vulnerable place. Even once out of your car and on foot you will only cover say 3 miles in an hour, most people consider 5 hours and 10 to 15 miles by foot to be a long way.
1.3.    Alternatively you might have even considered cycling to an area. However, this would likely have involved moderate to high levels of exertion, lots of hills, traveling on busy dangerous roads and having to plan and navigate an unfamiliar area.
1.4.    There is now a solution to the problems; A guided tour of Dorset by Electric MounTain Bike. (EMTB).
1.5.    An EMTB is where the rider's pedaling is assisted by a small electric motor and battery. An EMTB with a second battery typically has a range up to 50 miles even with high levels of assist. With an EMTB you don't have to be an athletic or a regular cyclist, you can select you level of assist you like and the speed you are comfortable with. You still get a good amount of healthy exercise but the assist means your level of exertion, even on the steepest hills is your own choice. Exertion level being from that of a gentle walk up to as hard as you can manage. Average speeds of 10 to 14 miles an hour are easily attainable. Furthermore, you can achieve this on road or off road on say a bridal way i.e. whilst miles from the nearest car.
1.6.    Compared to walking you can cover 4 to 5 times the distance on an EMTB in the same time and without the fatigue. This means you can take diversions to avoid busy roads, stay on the back roads and then go off road to visit those far out places you could only dream of visiting during a short stay.
1.7.    On an EMTB all you travels will be out in the open with the sound of nature around you.
1.8.    On our tours the guide solves the problem of navigation. The guide will have planned and surveyed the route before and will have previously cycled it many times. No worrying about getting lost, finding yourself on a busy road, worrying about how to get home or the number of miles to go. Any minor mechanical problems and punctures will be fixed on route and in the event on extreme problem or accident, pickup will be provided.
1.9.    The number of places to visit in Dorset and routes to take by back road and bridleway are infinite. Talks on history, geology, countryside, land use, farming and wildlife can be given during all rides.
1.10.    Anyone is welcome on EMTB rides over 14 years of age; the typical age of groups of riders is from 35 to 60 years. Rides are typically 25 to 50 miles in length, with 2 to 5 hours in the saddle. Most of the time you will be and away from the crowds.
1.11.    EMTB’s are provided with lights for use in low light and poor visibility. Water, snack bars, second battery (if required), spare inner tube and small ruck sack for their carriage for the day are provided with the EMTB, lunch or afternoon tea are planned for at a country pub that is noted for its food. Alternatively if you prefer Dorset has many tearooms or for a set charge a packed lunch or picnic can be delivered to a predefined rendezvous.
1.12.    Breaks will also be taken along the route to explore a site, have a drink or snack and take a break. The location of stops is such to provide suitable facilities for all guests.

2.    The tours offered.

2.1.    Dorset Ridge way east of Dorchester including Durdel Door, Lulworth, Lawrence of Arabia Trial, Morton Ford, Puddle Town Forrest
2.2.    Dorset Ridge way west of Dorchester, including Abbotbury, Portesham, Chiswell Beach and West Bexington.
2.3.    Dorset Ridge way west of Dorchester, including Powerstock and Maiden Newton
2.4.    Disused railway lines between Dorchester and Bridport.
2.5.    Dorchester museum, Dorset Neolithic sites, hill forts, Roman sites and castles (three to four per tour) Note. Dorset has lots of ancient sites and custom tours arranged upon request.
2.6.    Portland coastal path, railways and quarry tour.
2.7.    Puddle Town Woods, Hardye country Bovington Tank Musem.
2.8.    Jurassic coast and cliffs.
2.9.    The Purbecks including Studland, Corfe Castle, Swanage, Kimmeridge, Tynham and Luworth castle.
2.10.    Dorchester to Chiswell Beach, the Moon Feet and Abbotbury Swannery
2.11.    Milton Abbas, Branford Forum, Hod Hill Fort.
2.12.     -
2.13.     -
2.14.     –
2.15.    etc.

3.    T&C’s
3.1.    Prior to a ride all riders will meet at the Dorset CycleLife - Ebike Hire & Sales 181 Bridport Road Dorchester, Dorset. Prior to departures riders will be required to pay the balance outstanding and fill in forms with contact details and any special requirements including medical conditions. EMTB’s will then be allocated at the shop set up and checked. Most rides will then leave and finish at the shop. However, when on the odd occasion if a ride by request is to be based from a different rendezvous location, EMTB’s will then be transported to the start location. Riders will be required to provide their own transport and meet promptly at the rendezvous.
3.2.    All customers must be able to ride a shop or their own EMTB and be confident they ( and their bike if it is their own) can physically complete the planned ride. Full and final details of a planned ride will be provided prior to booking and again during the pre-ride safety briefing.
3.3.    Payment taken by credit or debit card. Deposit 50% on booking, balance due prior to ride. Deposits non refundable unless ride cancelled due to poor weather. Rider responsible for providing suitable clothing. Cycle helmets and high visibility vests and belts may be hired or purchased prior to ride. Cycling clothing including waterproofs and gloves will also be available for purchase prior to the ride.
3.4.    Riders are expected to be competent to undertake the ride at the level defined at the time of booking. Off-road mountain biking on conventional or EMTB has inherent risks. Riders are reminded that are liable for any damage caused to the EMTB through their own negligence or reckless use of the EMTB.
3.5.    Routes and trails will be chosen to be safe as possible. Warnings, instruction and guidance will be given at the start of the ride and each time before a route encounters a significant hazard such as steep or loose conditions, tree roots, rocks and other obstacles. Note. This advice may include a recommendation to get off and walk. In this event riders will be able to use the ‘walk assist ‘ function or the EMTB (this self-propels the EMTB at 1MPH as the rider walks and holds the handle bars).
3.6.    If a rider considers a hazard beyond their safe riding skills then they are required to request the guide to convey the bike around the hazard for them.
3.7.    A rider may choose to ride over any hazard if they so wish and in any manner they like (after all this is the reason some choose to go out on a mountain bike.) If however, any rider choses to act in a reckless manner (when advised of a hazard), then this shall be at their own risk and they will be responsible for any consequential damages and loss.
3.8.    The value of the rental EMTB’s are between £2400 and £6000, thus the option to purchase accidental damage and third party insurance is offered upon booking (you would not hire a car without CDW this so why not with an EMTB).
3.9.    The tour guide shall provide a means of summoning emergency help if required by the use of mobile phone or EPIRB when out of mobile phone coverage. The guide will also carry a basic first aid kit.
3.10.    Hire charge includes:- A bike lock, theft cover (if bike lock has been used and the Ebike has been secured to substantial object) fair wear and tear, punctures, tire cuts and mechanical failure and recovery in the event it is not possible to ride the bike back to the rendezvous.
3.11.    Food and drink in addition to the water and snack bars provided at the start of the ride are not included.
3.12.    If any bike if left unattended in a car or bike rack it must be locked to a secure fastening.