Past Events

HRH Prince Charles surprise visit

Date: 23 2014 13:00

A soggy wet Monday in November isn’t the most inspiring of conditions to go bike shopping but that didn’t stop one hardy soul in Poundbury, Dorset.

HRH Prince Charles surprised Peter Claxton, owner of Cyclelife Electric Wessex by popping in for a chat about electric bikes. The store, which stocks Raleigh’s range of electric bikes and accessories, has only been open for three months and has seen a huge numbers of visitors during that time but perhaps none so esteemed as the Prince of Wales.

Peter Claxton: “When the door opened I thought, ‘I recognise that face’ and it took half a second for the penny to drop.

“Even though Prince Charles has some property here and is in the town from time to time I was still quite surprised that he popped by. We spoke for some time about the benefits of electric bikes and the ranges of the different Raleigh and Haibike models we stock. I was desperately trying to get him to have a go but the weather was too bad to head out.”