Why Go Electric

Why not ?

Electric bikes are booming.  Whenever you are on the Continent you see old and young breezing around urban and rural landscapes.  They are simply another form of transport.  They are not designed to replace 747s, cars or submarines.  But once you have one in your collection of means of transport you will use it at any given opportunity.

And quite rightly.  If you are reading this chances are you have had a ride on one already and are now doing some research to find out who is selling what and where.  Great.  You’ve arrived at one of the very best e-bike shops in the UK.

We are e-bikers ourselves.  We love riding e-bikes.  We love being able to jump on a bike and just ride it.  No lycra, no Strava, no sweat.  Our road bikes will let you get to work on a daily basis – saving, time, money and getting you fitter and stronger. 

We have 3 main groups of riders :-

The traditional ebikers you would expect to see.  The slightly more mature but still keen cyclist who wants to keep riding up the hills and getting out and about in Dorset's beautiful countryside.

Secondly the very rapidly expanding group of eMTBers.  Haibike "invented" eMTBing back in 2012.  Now every major barnd is heavily focused on this booming sector.  In and around West Dorset we have some superb riding - Puddletown woods, the Ridgeway, hundreds of bridleways and routes all offroad.  eMTBing has become mainstream - we have our own race series up and down the country - some of our customers even race abroad now.  The quality and performace of our eMTBs from Haibike, DiamondBack and Lapierre are stunning.  Whether you pick Bosch, Yamaha or Shimano drive systems you are guaranteed years of excitement and pleasure.  

Thirdly we have the adventure bikers - the Fat bikes and gravel bikes.  These go-anywhere adventure machines are awesome bits of kit.  Go anywhere, do anything and booming in popularity.

Whatever grupo you fit into (or think you'd like to fit into) coem and see us and more importantly the bikes.  We genuinely have something for everyone and we will ensure you get the right bike for your e-biking adventures in Dorset..


Just to mention - all our bikes are pedelecs, that is bikes with pedal assistance.  The bike will not go unless you pedal.  When you put the effort in the motor gives you 250 watts of assistance.  You regulate it by your absolute speed, your pedalling speed and your use of the gears.  The motor will assist you up to a speed of 25kmh (15.6mph).  Above that and it’s all down to you. 

You need to be at least 14 years of age to ride one.  There are no requirements to have insurance, wear helmets (I’ve yet to hear a reason why you wouldn’t) or operate the bike in any way other than a normal, unassisted bike.  And don’t forget – an e-bike is just a bike with the benefit of a small, environmentally friendly motor.  You can still ride it with the motor turned off.

We work with various health related groups (stroke, diabetes, parkinsons) and are thrilled that they see the tremendous benefits of riding bikes, both mental and physical.

Overall what gives us greatest pleasure is seeing people returning from test rides, smiling and laughing like children.  E bikes are good things – they are fun – they make us smile !

Electric bikes – good for you, good for the environment and they save you money – why wouldn’t you buy one ?!  The one factor that we recognise is that high quality, well made electric bikes are not cheap.  We do our best to help - we offer Raleigh's 0 deposit, 24 months interest free credit (essentally £41 per month per £1000 of bike) and we operate the Cycle Scheme and Bike 2 Work tax efficient schemes.  

Dorset is the ideal place for electric bikes.  They are dependable, environmentally friendly and, most importantly, FUN !