Meet the Team

Peter Claxton set the business up in 2013 and remains 100% focused on the business on a daily basis.

Neale Hallett works with Mike Stone as our main technicians.  They can fix any bike-related issue.  We are all factory-trained to work on Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano systems.  

We are lucky to have a number of repeat, satisfied customers who visit us - you could find yourself speaking to a member of the public whom you could mistake for a member of staff ...

We regularly attend workshops and product launches at Raleigh in Nottingham, keeping up to date with planned developments within the Accell Group.


Peter Claxton

Peter Claxton

Peter Claxton – Born in Kent in 1965 and raised in London I have been a cyclist since my father took me to my first Good Friday SCCU track meet at Herne Hill in 1976.  I have time trialled, road raced, crit-raced and sportived.  I have now reached a new level..ebiking.  I love bikes and everything about them, even the people in the business !

I am passionate about encouraging everyone to get out on bikes.  Electric bikes are the future.  They are inevitable.  They are fun !  We set the shop up as Raleigh’s first exclusively electric bike shop and we strive to ensure that everyone involved has as much fun as we do in researching, presenting and maintaining our bikes.

I love talking to cyclists young and old and welcome you to our shop for whatever reason brings you in.  I am also a small time farmer  and love chatting about Red Devons and Zwarbtles….